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Sounds of the USS Coral Sea

This page contains audio clips from various sources. Click on the links to download or to start whatever audio player you have on your computer. Enjoy!

Album from the 1960-61 Westpac - Here are sound files of a 33RPM record that came with the 1960-61 cruise book, one for each side of the record. Many thanks to Richard J. Gilinsky. He originally masterd both the monaural and stereo versions of this album.

[CD] Side 1
Side 2

Audio clips from the 1972 Westpac - A Vietnam Era collection of audio clips recorded off the 1MC announcements we all heard day in and day out while aboard. Most of these are Captain Harris giving the good news and bad news. They will bring back some memories. Many thanks to Mike Ward for all his hard work in recording and saving these clips.
Play Date Length Description
CVA-431972-31.mp3 March 1972 1:41 Back on the line. Schedule outlook.
CVA-431972-51.mp3 1972 0:12 Pay Day Announcement.
CVA-431972-29.mp3 1972 3:42 Arriving Subic Bay.
CVA-431972-14.mp3 1972 0:49 Religous service announcement.
CVA-431972-47.mp3 1972 0:08 Duty working party.
CVA-431972-9.mp3 1972 0:13 Mail Call.
CVA-431972-22.mp3 1972 1:01 Colors.
CVA-431972-60.mp3 1972 0:10 Command Duty Officer Page.
CVA-431972-8.mp3 April 26, 1972 3:22 Admiral Clairy's visit & LT M.G. Surdyc recovery.
CVA-431972-24.mp3 1972 0:31 Task Force 77 & Rear Admiral departing.
CVA-431972-17.mp3 April 1972 7:54 Debrief of fighting in Vietnam & Schedule changes.
CVA-431972-17.mp3 May 1972 1:20 Schedule Update.
CVA-431972-17.mp3 May 6, 1972 2:51 Lt. Marvin Wiles shot down. Major air strike against Biphong. F-4 driver Jerry Houston gets Mig kill.
CVA-431972-46.mp3 May 10, 1972 7:31 Message from Adm. Zumwalt. Lose lips sink ships announcement.
CVA-431972-5.mp3 1972 0:09 Fantail will close.
CVA-431972-4.mp3 1972 0:23 Fantail closed & four bells.
CVA-431972-48.mp3 1972 0:12 Flight quarters.
CVA-431972-15.mp3 1972 0:32 Russian Trawler following ship.
CVA-431972-54.mp3 May 9, 1972 2:19 Haiphong attack update, Cdr. Moss recovered.(Morning)
CVA-431972-55.mp3 May 9, 1972 4:17 Haiphong attack update, Cdr. Moss recovered, Mjr. Clyde Smith return.(Afternoon)
CVA-431972-39.mp3 May 9, 1972 1:06 Mining of Haiphong harbor. Mig kill.
CVA-431972-44.mp3 May 9, 1972 1:06 Helo crew recovery. Mining of Haiphong harbor. President Nixon announcement.
CVA-431972-32.mp3 1972 3:46 Gulf of Tonkin operations update. 5 millionth pound of bombs loaded. Attaboy for Major Smith rescue.
CVA-431972-37.mp3 May 10, 1972 1:08 Attack on Hydong. Mig kill.
CVA-431972-36.mp3 May 9, 1972 13:29 Interview with Cdr. Moss, shot down and rescued.
1972 9:12

Amazing story of Major Clyde Smith who was shot down in Laos and had to hide for four days before his dramatic rescue. Four parts.

Read the detailed story here

CVA-431972-11.mp3 May 10, 1972 2:50 Navy's first Vietnam Ace announcement.
CVA-431972-50.mp3 1972 0:25 Sunset photo-op.
CVA-431972-6.mp3 1972 0:19 Four bells.
CVA-431972-23.mp3 1972 0:15 Muster shore patrol.
CVA-431972-49.mp3 1972 0:38 Lights out
CVA-431972-30.mp3 1972 1:02 Captain after "door" thieves. Cool about it.
CVA-431972-10.mp3 1972 0:12 Make readiness for sea.
CVA-431972-18.mp3 1972 0:20 Sea and anchor and detail.
CVA-431972-19.mp3 1972 0:09 Secure all heads and overhead discharges.
CVA-431972-12.mp3 1972 0:23 OOD change.
CVA-431972-21.mp3 1972 0:12 Shift colors.
CVA-431972-58.mp3 May 12, 1972 5:14 Pre Hong Kong Subic Port call.
CVA-431972-2.mp3 May 14, 1972 3:56 Captains announcement heading back to Hong Kong.
CVA-431972-25.mp3 June 22, 1972 1:11 XO Struttin his stuff.
CVA-431972-27.mp3 1972 10:55 Captain giving instructions for liberty in Hong Kong.
CVA-431972-33.mp3 1972 6:11 Back on the line after Hong Kong
CVA-431972-52.mp3 June 1972 4:07 Schedule Update
CVA-431972-53.mp3 June 1, 1972 4:10 Schedule Update.
CVA-431972-35.mp3 June 2, 1972 4:56 Captain updates crew.
CVA-431972-20.mp3 1972 2:13 Secure for storm.
CVA-431972-59.mp3 June 1972 3:40 Captains Update.
CVA-431972-34.mp3 July 1972 3:10 Operations update. Ship on high alert.
CVA-431972-7.mp3 June 11, 1972 3:36 Loss of Captains William Angus & David Wilson.
CVA-431972-45.mp3 June 1972 4:46 Damaged bird recovers with barricade landing. Carrier accidents.
CVA-431972-57.mp3 June 20, 1972 9:04 Last line period schedule.
CVA-431972-13.mp3 June 28, 1972 8:43 Captain announces collision between Oriskany & Nitro. Air Conditioner problems. Water Hours.
CVA-431972-28.mp3 June 29, 1972 3:36 15,000th 1 ton bomb painted. Oriskany damaged.
CVA-431972-3.mp3 July 30, 1972 0:44 Captains announcement heading to Subic.
CVA-431972-56.mp3 June 1, 1972 1:32 Last day on line update.

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