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Commanding Officers
USS Coral Sea

1947/1948 Captain Aaron P. Storrs, III Rear Admiral
1948/1949 Captain Aurelius B. Vosseller Vice Admiral
1949/1950 Captain Robert Goldthwaite Vice Admiral
1950/1951 Captain Frederick M. Trapnell Rear Admiral
1951/1952 Captain James Sargent Russell Admiral
1952/1952 Captain Robert B. Pirie Vice Admiral
1952/1953 Captain Herbert D. Riley Vice Admiral
1953/1954 Captain Henry H. Caldwell Rear Admiral
1954/1954 Captain Harry E. Sears Vice Admiral
1954/1955 Captain David Lemar McDonald Admiral
1955/1956 Captain William E. Gentner, Jr. Vice Admiral
1956/1957 Captain Joseph A. Jaap Rear Admiral
1960/1960 Captain James S. Gray, Jr. Captain
1960/1961 Captain John Joseph Lynch Rear Admiral
1961/1962 Captain Maurice F. Weisner Admiral
1962/1963 Captain Robert Martin Elder Captain
1963/1964 Captain Charles Eugene Roemer Captain
1964/1965 Captain Pierre N. Charbonnet, Jr. Vice Admiral
1965/1966 Captain George L. Cassell Rear Admiral
1966/1967 Captain Frank Willis Ault Captain
1967/1968 Captain William H. Shawcross Rear Admiral
1968/1969 Captain James Ferris Rear Admiral
1969/1970 Captain Samuel G. Gorsline, Jr. Captain
1970/1971 Captain Wesley L. McDonald Admiral
1971/1972 Captain William H. Harris Rear Admiral
1972/1973 Captain Paul Arthur Peck Rear Admiral
1974/1975 Captain Thomas S. Rogers, Jr. Captain
1975/1977 Captain Joseph F. Frick Rear Admiral
1977/1978 Captain George A. Aitcheson, Jr. Rear Admiral
1978/1979 Captain Stanley R. Arthur Admiral
1979/1981 Captain Richard M. Dunleavy Vice Admiral
1981/1983 Captain Jerome L. Johnson Admiral
1983/1984 Captain Jeremy D. Taylor Rear Admiral
1984/1985 Captain Robert E. Tucker Captain
1985/1987 Captain Robert H. Ferguson Captain
1987/1988 Captain Bruce B. Bremner Rear Admiral
1988/1990 Captain Lloyd E. Allen, Jr. Rear Admiral

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