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This is a page for pictures around the ship, ships company, men at work, spaces, etc... These are the hardest pictures to come by. Please help out and send in your pictures or cruise book scans along with descriptions.

A picture of the manufacturer's boiler identification plate which was once mounted on the front of 4 Baker Boiler. It is made of lead and gives all the different operating pressures and the date it was built (1944). It measures 9 X 12 inches and weighs approx. 7.5 lbs.
[Image and Information source - Sid (Doc) Dockery]
1974 - USS Coral Sea CV-43 - Great shot of Number 1 Engine Room Control panel.
1989 - Airdales at work cleaning the roof. Posing for group photo.
[Image Source - Ron Entwisle]
[Image Source - US Navy]
[Engine Room] [Airdales] [Airdales]
1971 - Several from the Dry dock period in Hunters Point. A couple leaving San Francisco Bay:
[Image Source - David Murray]
[Shipyard] [Shipyard] [Shipyard] [Shipyard] [Shipyard] [Shipyard] [Shipyard] [goldengate]
1961 - A few pictures from the 60-61 cruise. A look at DC Central. The Bos'n's whistle. The foc'sle. Mess deck. Bug juice anybody?
[Image Source - US Navy]
[DC] [Bos'n] [Foc'sle] [Bos'n]
1949 - A couple of pics from Sandy Nesbit of her father Robert Nesbit. He worked in the print shop and was a "Coral Sea Ace" boxer in 1949:
1955 - Picture of the old S-1A Division from 1955:
[Image Source - Sandy Nesbit]
[Image Source - Terry Hauck]
[Print Shop] [Print Shop] [S-1A]
1983 - Here is a pic of Ed Rogers doing a "fam fire" on the Coral Sea during World Cruise 83. A "fam fire" is when they would get as many people as possible to fire a variety of weapons, .50 cal, M-16, Shotgun, just for the sake of doing it.
1970 - One of the rudder posts:
[Image Source - Ed Rodgers]
[Image Source - Richard Evans]
[Shotgun] [CVA-43]
1979 - Focsle
1968 - Weapons Elevator
[Image Source - US Navy]
[Image Source - US Navy]
[Shotgun] [CVA-43]
1965 - Here's some from VFP-63: VFP-63 DET Delta. VFP-63 DET Delta Newsletter cover. Some of the crew relaxing. David Herron on vultures row. Not a VFP-63 photo. But nice shot of the 43 island and an A-3 Whale. Crew probably watching an airwing demo.
[Image Source - David Herron]
[VFP-63] [VFP-63] [VFP-63] [VFP-63] [VFP-63]
Here's some miscellaneous pictures from the mid 50's: Captains gig on the ships crane. Swim Call.
[Image Source - US Navy]
[Gig] [Swim] [Swim]
1969 - Here's some pictures of VF-151: Shot of VF-151 F-4's on fantail. VF-151 ordies.
[Image Source - Tom Pokora]
[VF-151] [VF-151] [VF-151]
1976 - 4B boilers being lit off at Long Beach Naval Shipyards after 9 months in overhaul: Captain Joseph F. Frick and Sid Dockery lighting fires in 4B Boiler - Long Beach Naval Shipyard 1976. " 4 Baker to Main Control "... " Main Control Aye, go ahead 4 Baker " ... " Fires lit in 4 Baker Boiler "... " Main Control Aye ". Steam Forming in 4 Baker Boiler after 9 months of ships overhaul, Long Beach Naval Shipyards 1976.
[Image Source - Sid "Doc" Dockery]
[1976] [1976] [1976]
1977 - Many shots around the ship including the hanger deck, mess deck and berthing spaces:
[Image Source - Peter Morris & Manuel Morris]
[Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces] [Spaces]
1987 - 23 November 1987. Today Show broadcast a show called "Operation Coral Sea Today" from the flight deck of the USS Coral Sea while the ship was in port at Cannes, France.
[Image Source - Darrell Young]
[1987] [1987] [1987] [1987]

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