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This is a list for USS Coral Sea crew members. If you ever served aboard the USS Coral Sea as ships company or in a squadron deployed aboard the USS Coral Sea, then please enter your name in the database. Lets build a comprehensive roster of all USS Coral Sea sailors.

There are 5020 shipmates in the roster.

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5345Stephen craigErickson Sk2S-1 division 67,68.69email
5346KarlSchratz AE-2VF-2180,81,82 
5335JamesReynolds/Wilson MM2"B" Division Evaporator65,67,68email
5334PeterKelley BM31st1960-1964email
5395ForrestFlewellen E3Deck1982email
5310RodneyNixon CplVMA (AW) 22471-72email
5315MickWeatherman SK3S-162,63,64,65email
5316davidcoffman AT3HC-1 Det-380-83email
5317ShermanCaughman E-3V-361,62.63,64email
5321OtisWebster Ssgt USMCVMFA 451LAST VOAGEemail
5322JamesHayes EN3A division 4email
5323JamesHayes EN3A division 4email
5324JamesHayes EN3A division 4email
5347RickHopper SNR (Log Room)67 - 69 
5421JohnHarvey LTjgOZ Division74,75,76email
5509Timmy J.Potter HT2R -Division1974-79email
5534TimJurgensen ANG67email
5536GerhardMŘehle AG2AO1964-1966email
5537matthewharkness EM 3rd classV-11984-1987 
5538ThomasHoosier BT3B-div 2 Able fireroom1973-1976email
5539DaveGehlbach AT2VF-11171 
5543ClarenceLanghout MMCMM Division1961-1964 
5544WilliamPinkerton MMCM Division1961-1964 
5545RamonSesma LTM Division1959-1962 
5532MarkWiegand MM-3M1968-1972email
5531KennethKimmel IC-manE5email
5529CharlesLollar AKCV63 
5510KenBest ABE-3V-21988 - 1990email
5516WilliamTrimble SNGunnery Second Div1959-1962email
5522EricAmoson LCPL E3MARDET88-89email
5524DarrylMoore E 3Supply Dept89, 90, decom, skeleton crewemail
5525ROBERT lATKINS Abf 2V 4 divAugust 1961 TILL MARCH 1966 
5526WarrenWilson YN-2Operations Office86, 87, 88, 89email
5527GaryGraham Seaman 1stThird Division1961-1964email
5528PhilGlenn AZ3VFA-13787,88,89email
5546GaryVanheardenburg OM3Navigation1961-1964 
5547BryanVanheardenburg EN3A Division1962-1965 
5549harleycarrender ADJ2Vf-1541962-63 
5566LarryMessenger AME1VA-9779-82email
5569Charlie Stockfish A02Gm67,68,69email
5570Keith Gregory  Ht3R division 78-81email
5571LeoPatt  First class A division A1955/56email
5572LeoPatt  First class A division A1955/56email
5575CaryOubre E-2Admin1966-1967 
5580StevenBush ANVF15167,68email
5581KENNETHHANLEY AF-30152,53email
5564LarryMessenger AME1VA-9779-82email
5563SteveJones AO2GM67-71email
5561TonyHughes GFANGM1959,1960email
5552DonnieSmith MmFNM287 -90email
5554JosephGriffin YN 3VA-1521962-63email
5555JosephGriffin YN 3VA-1521962-63email
5556JosephGriffin YN 3VA-1521962-63email
5557JosephGriffin YN 3VA-1521962-63email
5558JosephGriffin YN 3VA-1521962-63email
5559John Riley AK3S-62.5 johnriley0258@yahooemail
5560TonyHughes GFANGM1email
5582JeffreyJones sm3CS85-87email
5422MarkLyon E-3IC80-81email
5448JackWest bm32nd2 
5449Robert Brock Ag3OA Divsion, Meterololy1963-1967 email
5451TimGarcia BT-2B Div.74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79email
5453ROBERT R.NETTLETON GM32ND1950-51 -52 
5457DanielBorchert SA-FTG3Fox59-61email
5521DavidKief 33rd division67-68email
5459PercySallee Ao3Heavy attack squadron 22email
5466JamesSpencer SrFireroom1963email
5442JamesGreco AVCMVAW 11379,80,81,82email
5441JamesGreco AVCMVAW 11379,80,81,82email
5440JamesGreco AVCMVAW 11379,80,81,82 
5423David Longmuir  ASCIM41986, 1987email
5424 Roland Frary AN/AB3VAH1155,56email
5426Harry JoeBeasley AO3VA-551989email
5427JosephLovvorn AQ2VF-15481,82,83email
5429RichardStowe Ph-3Photography60,61,62,63email
5430RichardStowe Ph-3Photography60,61,62,63email
5436wayne kiggans MM-3Auxiliary Gang74,75email
5437mikekeenan ET3OE77, 78, 79, 80email
5468JohnMcCartney EM-34 Switchboard2email
5470JacksonHarvey Ht3R division 3years 7 monthsemail
5471JohnKinzer AE3VFP-631971-1972email
5495DonLee Adj 2Va 231966, 1967email
5496RalphScurry AC3V-41967email
5497GeorgeMarks RM3Communications1972, 1973, 1974, 1975email
5500IraFord BT3Oil Lab70,71,72,73email
5501Raul O.Tamez Jr. BTFNB1969-1971email
5502LeroyKramer YN-3V31966/1970email
5505EmmanuelCenizal EM2Electrical Division1973-1977email
5506Modesto GJiron E-3G3email
5494JamesSkwirut  AMV-167-68email
5493DennisPenders MM-3A 85, 86, 87, 88, 89email
5491GeorgeMcneal aaatkron 1521960 - 1961email
5473georgereed e3AIR CRAFT FUELER1965 1966email
5475KirkKimble BT3B 2 Group85-87email
5477RobertHonohan E-3V-388-89email
5480LaurenceKelly ATR-3VAQ-1351967, 1968, 1969, 1970email
5483Donald Crawford At3Aimd im-3Last 2 cruises email
5488BrianBowling SM-2Signalman86,87,88,89email
5489Lothar Seufert ABHANV11976 
5490oniasbishop em244075-77 

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