USS Coral Sea Tribute Site

A lot of people have asked me enough questions regarding this site that I have added this page to try and answer the most common questions.

Q: How can I find a shipmate or how can I find any information about a shipmate, father, brother, etc..?
A: First of all it can be done. I have witnessed several folks making connections from this site alone. I have added a Shipmate Locator to help you search.

Q: Where can I buy a cruise book?
A: Used book sellers on the web and eBay.

Q: Is this site part of the USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association?
A: No, it is not affiliated with the USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association. However, I am a member of the association and I highly recommend joining them.

Q: Is there any way I can still get a piece of the ship from the scrapyard in Baltimore?
A: The last part of the ship was pulled out of the water on August 9, 2000. Soon after that the yard changed owners and then was sold to the State or the Fed's. The yard has since been sold to a shipping company and is now a parking lot for import cars.

Q: Where did you get all the pictures?
A: Many sources. People loan or email me their personal photos, slides or scans from their cruise books. Research I've done at various government archives. Purchases I've made of Coral Sea memorabilia. Donation of a photo collection. Permission to reuse some photo's from other sites.

Q: Where can I buy a model of the ship?
A: I only know of two models that were produced of the USS Coral Sea. Both were made by Revell in the 1960's. One has a battery option to spin the props. Both are of the ship in it's straight deck configuration. The only place I've ever seen these for sale is on eBay. There may be a modeling hobbiest magazine that might sell them also.

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Bob Dorais. I was in the Navy from 1976 to 1980. I was on the USS Coral Sea for the 1979-80 WestPac attached to VA-27 as an AE-2. Here I am back in the day...


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