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This site is dedicated to the memory of the Aircraft Carrier USS Coral Sea CV/CVB/CVA-43 and everyone who ever served aboard her.
[1947 - 1990]

What's New:

July 13, 2013
USS Coral Sea Tribute Site is once again Underway! Sorry for the long down time. Many updates coming soon.


Sign the Gustbook, leave a message for a shipmate, search the Gustbook for a shipmate, tell a story, give me feedback or just say hi. Thanks!

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USS Coral Sea Crew Roster:

All time list of Coral Sea sailors. The database can be sorted by different categories or searched for names, divisions, etc... If you were Ships Company or deployed Air Wing, please add your name to the database.

Newest shipmates to sign the roster:
There are 4204 shipmates in the roster.

The old Discussion Board & 1MC Chat Room have been permanently disabled. I might put up a read only archive of the old bulletin board if there is interest.

The most emails I get by far are for people looking for shipmates, relatives, friends,etc... Here are some links for you to post query's for the person you wish to find. I do NOT have a database of everyone that ever served aboard Coral Sea. I have seen many people find the person they're looking for using the resources below. Good luck with your search.

Coral Sea Tribute Site Guestbooks - Post your query. Look at all guestbooks for entry's the person may have made.
Coral Sea Association Guestbooks - Post your query. Look at all guestbooks for entry's the person may have made.
Coral Sea Tribute Site Roster - Search for shipmates.
USS Coral Sea Facebook Page
Coral Sea Association Roster - Search for shipmates. There are other resources on the internet like Military.com, HullNumber.com, Together We Served, etc...

Search the the USS Coral Sea Tribute Site for anything. The results will list every web page that have the search terms you entered. To find your search terms on a particular page, use "ctrl+f" or select "edit -> find" in your browser.

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Contributors who have sent stories, information, pictures, loaned cruise books, donated material or otherwise helped this site in some way. Many thanks to all!

You are the USS Coral Sea "Touch & Go" on the deck of the USS Coral Sea!

!!!!!!!!!! Help !!!!!!!!!!
I need YOUR help to make this site great. I need any stories, photo's or ships information that you have on the Coral Sea. I can scan photo's for you if you don't have a scanner, email me for details. Please donate your memories so all Coral Sea crew members and their family's can enjoy this site to its fullest. Also let me know if anything you see here is in error. Thanks!!!

Contact me, Bob Dorais, at: cv43@usscoralsea.net
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